Xiaomi to Launch Its First Electric Vehicle in Q2, Targeting 20 Million Users

Xiaomi Steals the Spotlight at Beijing Auto Show with Packed Booth

Xiaomi, the well-known Chinese electronics manufacturer, is poised to release its first electric vehicle (EV), the SU7, in the coming months. With a strong customer base of 20 million premium users in China, Xiaomi is optimistic about the SU7’s sales prospects, despite its premium pricing.

Xiaomi has been building its reputation in the electronics industry for years, offering a wide range of IoT-based products, including smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, home appliances, and scooters. After experiencing a decline in smartphone sales, the company ventured into the EV market by establishing Xiaomi Automobile in 2021.

The SU7’s development has progressed rapidly, with production scheduled to start in mid-2024. The vehicle boasts an 800V platform with a large 101 kWh battery. Although official pricing has not been disclosed, Xiaomi’s CEO has hinted at an imminent release and potential deliveries in China by Q2 2024.

The SU7’s operating system takes advantage of Xiaomi’s IoT expertise, allowing for seamless integration with other Xiaomi devices such as smartphones and home appliances. This holistic approach reflects the growing trend of software-defined vehicles and the immense potential of IoT electronics systems.

While Xiaomi is a newcomer to the EV market, its strong presence in the electronics industry and customer loyalty provide a solid foundation for success. It remains to be seen how the SU7 will perform in the competitive EV market, but its unique selling points hint at a promising future for Xiaomi’s automotive ambitions.