VW confirms no gas-powered pickup truck for US market.

Scout electric SUV and pickup designs (Source: VW)
Scout electric SUV and pickup designs (Source: VW)

Despite previous teases and collaborations with Ford, Volkswagen confirmed a VW-branded pickup truck will not be launched in the US.

The VW Amarok, based on the Ford Ranger, will not see a “Ranger” version for North America.

The Tarok pickup concept, currently sold in South America, also won’t be available in the US.

Volkswagen’s pickup hopes lie with the revived Scout brand, focusing solely on electric vehicles.

Scout’s EVs will be built on a dedicated platform, targeting the US market specifically.

The Scout brand, known for its rugged and adventurous SUVs in the 1960s and 70s, is making a comeback – but this time, it’s all electric. Acquired by Volkswagen in 2021, Scout is poised to enter the competitive electric truck and SUV market, aiming to capture the hearts of those seeking a modern interpretation of the brand’s off-road spirit.

The original Scout, launched in 1960, was a competitor to Jeep, offering a go-anywhere attitude and a comfortable driving experience. Models like the Scout 80 and Scout 800 became popular choices for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike, earning a loyal following known as “Scouters.” However, production ceased in 1980 due to declining sales and competition.

The first electric truck and SUV from Scout are expected to debut in Q3 of this year, with production slated for 2026.

These vehicles will be specifically geared towards the US market and will feature a unique platform, engineered and developed from the ground up, separate from VW’s MEB platform.

Scout’s CEO, Scott Keogh, has stated that the brand will focus on building rugged SUVs and pickups, similar to the original Scout brand, which was known for building some of the first off-road Jeep competitors.

The brand has also hired former Stellantis designer Chris Benjamin, known for his work on Jeep and Ram models, to lead the rugged EV design.

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