Unpacking Tesla’s Foundation Series for the Cybertruck: Are the Bragging Rights Worth the Cost?


An anticipation builds for the Tesla Cybertruck’s official debut in 2025, Tesla enthusiasts had the opportunity to secure their place in line through the exclusive Foundation Series, an edition designed for early adopters willing to pay a premium. Priced at $20,000 above the standard model, this limited series promises a head start and a package of accessories. But do the perks justify the additional cost, or is it merely a case of paying for bragging rights?

Source: Insideevs

The Pricing Structure:

Tesla’s pricing strategy for the Cybertruck starts with the base model, the rear-wheel drive version at $60,990, yet currently unavailable. The dual-motor all-wheel drive, priced at $79,990, becomes the most accessible trim for eager buyers. However, those eager to leap ahead of the queue were presented with the Foundation Series option, costing an extra $20,000.

What the Foundation Series Offers:

The Foundation Series, limited to 1,000 units, is positioned as the pioneer batch of Cybertrucks to roll off the production line. Priced at a premium, it includes various accessories and services, creating an exclusive ownership experience. The added value encompasses features such as all-weather interior liners, a center console tray, a lifetime subscription to Tesla’s premium connectivity service, the Full Self-Driving (FSD) system, and a $4,000 installation credit for PowerShare hardware. The latter enables the Cybertruck to export power from its high-voltage battery.

Differentiating the Tri-Motor from Dual-Motor Models:

For those opting for the tri-motor Cyberbeast, the extra cost seems more justified, as the Foundation Series brings an array of accessories that enhance the driving experience. These include the coveted FSD system, PowerShare installation credit, and a comprehensive set of extras. However, the situation shifts for customers choosing the less expensive dual-motor version, where the added cost primarily amounts to the exclusivity of being in the Foundation Series.

Unfulfilled Features and Considerations:

Despite the allure of being among the first to receive the Cybertruck, certain features promised in the Foundation Series, such as Autopilot, FSD, and locking differentials, are not yet operational. This prompts questions about the immediate value gained by those who paid the premium for early access.

The Verdict: Are Bragging Rights Enough?

While the Foundation Series establishes a sense of exclusivity and early ownership, the tangible benefits may not fully align with the extra cost, particularly for dual-motor models. With several promised features yet to be activated, the Foundation Series appears to be more about bragging rights than immediate functionality. As the Cybertruck journey unfolds, the true worth of this exclusive series will become clearer, sparking discussions among Tesla enthusiasts about the value of getting ahead in the EV revolution.