Two Years Old Tesla Model Y Review


Tesla Model Y Owner Review: Honest Assessment After 28,000 Miles In Two Years.

After two years of owning Tesla Model Y, owner feel compelled to provide a comprehensive review, highlighting both the positives and the negatives of her experience thus far.


White Interior Discoloration:

While the pearl white exterior gives the car a sleek appearance, the white interior has begun to show signs of discoloration. Regular cleaning with baby wipes or an eco-friendly alternative helps, but it hasn’t entirely solved the issue.

Tire Issues:

The special tires equipped with the Tesla have been prone to picking up nails, leading to multiple punctures and replacements within a short span. Additionally, tire alignment issues have surfaced, causing uneven wear and the need for premature replacements.

Full Self-Driving (FSD) Concerns:

Despite investing in the full self-driving feature, its performance hasn’t met expectations. The system feels hesitant and unreliable, akin to a novice driver, making it challenging to fully trust in various driving scenarios.

Inadequate Defogging/Defrosting:

The windshield defogging/defrosting mechanism falls short, especially during extreme weather conditions, leading to prolonged wait times.

Lack of Ambient Lighting:

Considering the price point of the Tesla Model Y, the cabin’s darkness at night is disappointing. Ambient lighting would enhance the interior aesthetics and overall driving experience.

Non-Tinted Windows:

The windows, although dyed, lack UV protection, necessitating additional tinting for those concerned about sun exposure and heat retention.

Supercharger Crowding:

Superchargers, particularly in heavily populated areas like Los Angeles, are often crowded, resulting in longer wait times during charging sessions.

Navigation System Limitations:

The inability to sync Apple Maps or Waze onto the Tesla display may inconvenience users accustomed to these navigation platforms.

Handle Design:

While I’ve grown accustomed to it, the thumb-and-finger handle design feels less intuitive, especially when carrying items.


Impressive Performance:

The Tesla Model Y delivers exhilarating acceleration, akin to a roller coaster ride, making merging onto freeways a breeze.

Low Maintenance:

With minimal maintenance requirements, primarily limited to tire replacements and cabin air filter changes, the Tesla Model Y offers convenience and peace of mind.

Elimination of Gas Stations:

The absence of gas refueling is a significant convenience, enhancing the overall ownership experience.

Safety Features:

The car’s sturdy build and advanced safety features, such as Sentry mode, instill confidence and peace of mind.

Spacious Interior:

Compared to its counterpart, the Model 3, the Model Y offers ample space, accommodating passengers and cargo comfortably.

User-Friendly App and Connectivity:

The Tesla app allows for seamless control over various aspects of the car, from locking and unlocking to adjusting temperature settings.

Fun Features:

From playful sound effects to convenient seat adjustments, the Tesla Model Y incorporates enjoyable and practical features that enhance the driving experience.

Frunk Utility:

The front trunk (frunk) provides additional storage space and helps segregate odors, adding to the car’s practicality.

Customization Options:

Personalized seat settings and easy-entry mode demonstrate Tesla’s commitment to user comfort and convenience.

Emotional Value:

Beyond its functional aspects, owning a Tesla Model Y represents a significant milestone and a source of pride, contributing to an overall positive ownership experience.

In conclusion, despite encountering some drawbacks, my overall satisfaction with the Tesla Model Y remains high. Its blend of performance, convenience, and innovation outweighs the minor inconveniences. For prospective buyers, careful consideration of these factors alongside personal preferences and priorities is essential.