Transform Your Boating Experience with TEMO’s Effortless Electric Motors



Get ready to set sail into the future of boating as TEMO, the French trailblazer in electric propulsion, secures a cool €6 million in a Series A funding round led by the visionary minds at At One Ventures and the green warriors of Ecotechnologies 2 fund, along with some savvy business angels. Brace yourselves as TEMO unleashes a wave of innovation in the electric boating scene, making a splash with their game-changing electric outboard motors that are not only cutting-edge but also as easy to install as changing your playlist.

TEMO’s success story mirrors the e-bike revolution, but this time, it’s the open waters that are getting electrified. Picture this: your old faithful boat transforming into a sleek, eco-friendly vessel with the help of TEMO’s effortless electric outboard motors. The cool factor? TEMO’s got it covered.

Currently cruising with two electric outboard motor models tailored for dinghies, smaller sailboats, and rowboats, TEMO plans to use the funding to turbocharge its growth and expand its product lineup. CEO Alexandre Seux spills the beans, saying, “With the Series A funds, we will accelerate our product roadmap and distribution, including in North America.” So, get ready, fellow boating enthusiasts, for a surge of TEMO-powered vessels hitting the waters near you.

TEMO’s lineup includes the nifty TEMO 450, a 450W wonder with a telescopic handle and a rear-mounted propellor, offering the power equivalent of a 1.5 hp internal combustion outboard motor. Imagine effortlessly gliding through the water, powered by a motor that weighs just 11 pounds. Yes, you read that right. It’s like carrying your boat’s power source in a backpack, especially when paired with an inflatable dinghy.

But wait, there’s more. For those with a penchant for larger vessels, TEMO presents the TEMO 1100, a 1.1 kW powerhouse that goes head-to-head with a 3 hp internal combustion outboard motor. This bad boy, weighing in at 33 pounds, brings a retractable control tiller to the table, making it the perfect companion for a day out on the open seas.

TEMO doesn’t just stop at providing an eco-friendly alternative; they’re on a mission to revolutionize the entire recreational boating sector. Seux emphasizes, “Our vision is for a carbon-free recreational boating sector.” And with the wind beneath their sails in the form of this latest funding round, TEMO is poised to turn that vision into a reality.

As the electric outboard market gains momentum, TEMO is riding the wave of innovation. The boating world is witnessing a transformation, where boaters can effortlessly create their own electric vessels using TEMO’s sleek outboard motors. It’s not just about a boat ride anymore; it’s about a journey into the future of sustainable boating with TEMO at the helm.

So, buckle up your life vests and get ready to ride the TEMO wave, where cool meets eco-friendly on the open waters. The future of boating has never looked this electric.

TEMO 1100 installed on a sailboat transom



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