Tesla Postpones Further Pay Changes Following Employee Complaints Over Previous Hike



In a series of developments, Tesla has informed its employees about a second pay adjustment, responding to discontent after the initial announcement. However, this second pay increase has been delayed, coinciding with CEO Elon Musk’s push for a historic compensation package.

Tesla had recently disclosed annual wage increases following employee reviews. While attention focused on wage bumps for factory workers, not all Tesla employees were satisfied. Salaried employees were informed that they wouldn’t receive standard stock compensation, and hourly employees experienced pay raises below expectations amid a high inflation environment.

Concerns escalated as employees expressed dissatisfaction, with discussions highlighting the impact of reduced stock compensation on morale, particularly among engineers. Some high performers reportedly left for competitors offering significantly higher pay, creating gaps in certain groups.

In response to employee concerns, Tesla sent an email on January 1st, pledging another comprehensive review of pay bands and increases. The adjustments communicated earlier were set to take effect on January 8, with further updates promised by January 15. However, this deadline passed without an updated pay adjustment.

An email obtained by Electrek this week informed hourly employees that an additional two weeks were needed for a “market review” before decisions could be made.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, introduced another layer of complexity by discussing his potential compensation package. Musk’s negotiation tactics, reminiscent of a union threatening a strike, included a demand for 25% voting power at Tesla. Failing this, Musk hinted at diverting AI product development to his new startup, xAI, emphasizing Tesla’s role as an AI/robotics company.

The situation raises concerns about talent retention at Tesla. Despite being a major player in the electric vehicle revolution, the company is grappling with stock performance decline, dissatisfaction over pay adjustments, and Musk’s polarizing influence. Musk’s request for shares he spent on Twitter and the threat to shift AI development away from Tesla add uncertainty to the company’s future.

As Tesla navigates this challenging period, questions linger about its ability to maintain its appeal to top talent and sustain its position as a leader in the evolving electric vehicle industry.

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