Tesla Cybertruck’s Sharp Edges: A Potential Hazard for Unwary Owners


Owning a Tesla Cybertruck might seem like stepping into the future, but recent tests by various YouTubers have shed light on a potential safety concern that could make you think twice before placing your fingers near this electric behemoth’s doors or frunk.

Testing the Cyber “Guillotine”:

Several online videos, including one by Out of Spec Reviews, showcase the Cybertruck undergoing tests involving various finger-shaped objects like carrots, hot dogs, and bananas. The hope was to determine if the Cybertruck’s automated closing mechanisms would recognize an obstruction and prevent potential harm.

Front Trunk Crush Test:

In one test, a carrot was placed in the frunk’s path during closure. While the Cybertruck managed to close and wedge the carrot, it could be pulled out without much difficulty. This scenario mirrored a similar test with the Ford F-150 Lightning, where a carrot lodged in the Mega Power Frunk could only be fully removed once the frunk was fully opened.

Unexpected Results:

Things took a concerning turn when the test moved to the back of the frunk near the a-pillar. The power-closing frunk not only crushed the carrot but also took a substantial chunk out of it. This raised questions about the Cybertruck’s ability to detect smaller obstructions in certain areas.

Comparison with Rivian R1T:

A similar test was conducted on the Rivian R1T, where the thinner carrot used triggered the hood to immediately recognize the obstruction and retract without causing damage. The contrast highlighted the potential safety disparity between the Cybertruck and its electric truck counterpart.

Detection Challenges:

The video suggests that the Cybertruck’s frunk may struggle to detect finger-like objects due to the motor measuring the load on the frunk being unable to detect the subtle force changes caused by the object’s location relative to the fulcrum. In contrast, the Rivian R1T demonstrated better detection capabilities.

Human Hand Test:

In a bold move, a YouTuber attempted to shut their hand in the frunk. While the Cybertruck detected resistance with a gloved hand, it closed directly on the ungloved fingers. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, but the incident raises concerns about the effectiveness of the safety mechanisms.

Comparison with Tesla Model X:

The video draws parallels with the known issues of the Tesla Model X’s falcon wing doors, which also demonstrated the ability to crush a carrot and cause potential harm.