Tesla Cybertruck Mania: Elon Musk’s 2024 Mass Production Plan For EVs.

Tesla Releases Free Software Upgrade for Cybertruck, Improving Handling and Charging
Tesla Releases Free Software Upgrade for Cybertruck, Improving Handling and Charging

Tesla’s Giga Texas factory has made a breakthrough in the production of the Cybertruck, with one shipment of over 100 Model Y vehicles and approximately 20 Cybertrucks exported from the factory. According to Joe Techm, who frequently uses drones to observe activities around Giga Texas, Tesla is producing nearly 200 Cybertrucks a day, with an estimated eight or nine Cybertrucks per hour. This implies that Elon Musk can now manufacture a pickup truck in only seven minutes, a significant improvement from the initial expectation of only 10,000 Cybertrucks produced in 2024.

The Cybertruck’s practical range when towing in snowy conditions has also been a topic of interest. A range test conducted by Zach Nelson from the YouTube channel Jerry Rig Everything revealed that the Cybertruck’s range decreased by more than two-thirds when towing at its maximum rated capacity of 11,000 lbs in cold weather. The Cybertruck managed to cover only 90 miles before running out of battery, a concerning figure for those considering purchasing the electric truck for heavy towing.

However, Tesla is expected to achieve even fewer minutes in the production process by 2025, with the current standard pace allowing for rolling out a Model Y every 75 seconds. Customers can expect deliveries of the Cybertruck to commence by the end of January 2024.

The Cybertruck’s initial price hike may have dampened the enthusiasm of some customers; however, significant improvements in the production process by 2025 are expected to plummet anticipated prices. The primary concern will then shift towards the issue of range, with the $116,000 range extension option adding an additional 130 miles.

Tesla is making efforts to expedite the production schedule of the Cybertruck, with a promise of even faster progress in 2025 when issues related to the 4680 battery are resolved. Customer concerns regarding battery performance when using the Cybertruck for heavy towing on a regular basis, as well as concerns about the potential need for battery replacement after a year of hauling cargo, are becoming crucial considerations for the majority of customers. However, with Tesla’s commitment to Future electric vehicle technology, customer concerns are expected to be addressed, and the Cybertruck will continue to be a significant breakthrough in the EV industry.

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