Stellantis Introduces the Open-Focused Chrysler Halcyon Concept


The Chrysler 300 has been discontinued, leaving only the Pacifica minivan. Stellantis showcaae, The Chrysler Halcyon, a cutting-edge sedan concept by Stellantis designers. This low-profile, aerodynamic vehicle showcases an array of innovative technology. With successful implementation, select features may eventually find their way into Stellantis-branded EVs.

Chrysler is transitioning to “Harmony in motion” and will become all-electric within a few years.

The first EV is planned for 2025, and the Chrysler HELON concept previews its direction.

The HELON concept features a functional slippery shape and a light bar across the width of the vehicle.

Adaptive LED headlights and a light-up Chrysler logo are housed above the light bar.

The windshield is bubble-shaped and extends to the hood, improving sight lines.

An air blade dynamic pass-through helps with high-speed stability and aerodynamics.

Butterfly flaps on the roof assist with entry and exit when both front and rear doors are open.

Chrysler calls this the “red carpet entry.” The rear doors are pillarless and open opposite, similar to Mazda RX8 and Saturn Ion designs.

LED tail lights and another light-up Chrysler logo are present at the rear.

A sliding rear diffuser and a rear spoiler improve stability and electric range.

The interior is a 2+2 seating setup, with 95% recycled materials.

Wing on the steering wheel and some trim bits are made from recycled CDs.

Front seats can push back when rear seats are not in use, allowing for huge open space.

Rear seats can fold into the trunk, creating more space for items or autonomous mode.

The windshield can function as a head-up display, showing various information.

A 15.6-inch screen can be stowed away or popped out, with the ability to rotate between portrait and landscape modes.

Personalization is a major theme, with features like Prepare Mode and Welcome Entry Mode.

Vehicle semantics create sound, vibrations, and visuals to enhance the driver-vehicle connection.

The HELON concept uses a next-gen 800-volt lithium sulfur EV battery with a 60% reduction in carbon footprint.

Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer is envisioned for recharging the vehicle from the road.

Level 4 autonomous driving is planned, with features like autonomous parking and augmented reality stargazing.