Smart #5 Launched: A 700 km Electric Marvel by Geely and Mercedes-Benz in China

Smart #5 Launched in China

Get ready to be electrified! The wait is over as the stunning Smart #5, first teased as a concept at the Beijing Auto Show, has officially shed its disguise. China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) unveiled the production specs this week, and it’s clear this electric SUV is ready to steal the show.

Smart#5 EV Launched in China

This mid-size marvel boasts a commanding presence. Imagine stretching out in spacious comfort with its generous dimensions (think 4705mm length, 1920mm width, and 1705mm height) and a wheelbase that makes legroom an afterthought (2900mm). It’s a five-seater that caters to both practicality and style, offering a range of wheel sizes from 18 to 21 inches to personalize your ride.

Smart # 5 EV Launched in China

Hold on tight – the top trim promises a heart-pounding 638 horsepower, but all variations ensure a thrilling driving experience. Here’s where things get exciting: the Smart #5 offers four distinct powertrain options to fit your needs:

  • Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD): Choose between a single motor with a punchy 250 kW (335 hp) or a slightly more aggressive 267 kW (358 hp).
  • All-Wheel Drive (AWD): Unleash the beast with a dual motor configuration offering either 432 kW (579 hp) or a mind-blowing 475 kW (638 hp).

Smart # 5 EV Launched in China (1)

The RWD versions utilize lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries for efficiency, while the AWD trims pack a nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) punch for extra power. Battery capacity details are still under wraps, but rumors suggest the top trim will boast a jaw-dropping 700 km CLTC range thanks to a potent 100 kWh battery.

Smart # 5 EV Launched in China

Whispers also hint at an 800V architecture, which translates to lightning-fast charging times. Imagine a full charge in just 15 minutes – talk about convenience! Top speed is electronically limited to 200 km/h for most variations, with the top trim reaching an exhilarating 210 km/h.

Smart # 5 EV Launched in China (3)

The Smart #5 isn’t just about power and performance – it’s a head-turner. While specific design details are still under wraps, expect a look that seamlessly blends sporty elegance with everyday practicality. A Q4 launch is anticipated, so keep your eyes peeled for the official reveal!

Smart # 5 EV Launched in China (4)

This joint venture between Geely Group and Mercedes-Benz promises to be a game-changer, not just in China where it’s produced, but also in Europe, where Smart already enjoys a strong presence. While China might not be its current stomping ground, the Smart #5 has the potential to electrify the market there as well. Buckle up, because the future of electric mobility is looking bright, and the Smart #5 is leading the charge.