Redwood Spotted at Giga Berlin- Is Tesla Model 2 Coming Soon?

First Look: Tesla's Secret Model 2 'Redwood' Test Car Spotted
First Look: Tesla's Secret Model 2 'Redwood' Test Car Spotted

Redwood, Tesla’s latest innovation, has sparked excitement among car enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike. The discovery, captured by drone and shared by Tobias Lind, has left many questions unanswered. When was this discovery made? Where exactly was it found? And what does this mysterious vehicle look like? In this article, we delve into the details and speculate on the potential unveiling of Tesla’s next game-changing innovation.

The Redwood Revelation:

The Redwood was recently spotted in the parking lot of Tesla’s Giga Berlin factory. The drone captured image, shared on Tobias Lind’s X account, revealed a vehicle that notably differs in size from the Model Y, fueling speculation that this could indeed be the long-awaited Model 2 Redwood. The vehicle’s distinctive appearance and size have sparked a heated debate among enthusiasts and experts, fueling anticipation and intrigue surrounding this mysterious vehicle.

The Mystery Vehicle:

The mysterious vehicle in question differs in size from the Model Y and has a unique appearance, raising speculation that this could be the Model 2 Redwood. Recent drone shots have revealed a vehicle that is smaller than the Model Y, and its distinctive appearance has led some to believe that this could be a prototype for the Model 2, internally referred to as Redwood in Tesla’s documents.

Design and Features:

The Model 2 Redwood is expected to be a compact crossover sport utility vehicle (SUV), blending affordability with versatility. Drawing inspiration from both the Model Y and the futuristic Cybertruck, the Redwood is expected to have an estimated length ranging from 4,500 mm to 4,700 mm, a width between 1,800 mm to 1,900 mm, and a height of approximately 1,500 mm to 1,600 mm. The front end is projected to boast LED headlights, a faux grill, and a distinctive illuminated strip, while the body is expected to feature elongated side windows, slim A-pillars, and an integrated spoiler at the rear.

Release Date and Production:

Tesla has set its sights on mid-2025 for the commencement of Model 2 production, with a goal of ramping up production to a weekly output of up to 10,000 units. Initially, the Model 2 will roll off the production lines at Tesla’s Factory in Austin, Texas, with production potentially extending to other facilities such as those in Mexico or potentially beyond North America. Giga Berlin stands as a likely candidate for future production, with Tesla expected to unveil specific locations by the end of 2024 or later.

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