Ram Revolutionizes Last-Mile Deliveries with the 2024 ProMaster EV

Ram ProMaster EV (Source: Stellantis)
Ram ProMaster EV (Source: Stellantis)

Ram takes a significant leap into the electric vehicle market with the introduction of the 2024 ProMaster EV, a full-size electric van designed for last-mile deliveries and commercial applications.

Unveiling the ProMaster EV

Ram ProMaster EV (Source: Stellantis)
Ram ProMaster EV (Source: Stellantis)am ProMaster EV (Source: Stellantis)

Ram, the renowned American automaker, has unveiled its first commercially available electric vehicle – the 2024 ProMaster EV. This groundbreaking electric van is poised to revolutionize last-mile deliveries with its practical design and focus on commercial functionality.

Cutting-Edge Electric Technology

Ram ProMaster EV (Source: Stellantis)
Ram ProMaster EV (Source: Stellantis)

The ProMaster EV boasts a robust electric powertrain, featuring a front-mounted electric motor that generates an impressive 268 horsepower and 302 pound-feet of torque. With a 110.0-kWh battery under the floor, this electric workhorse offers a city driving range of 162 miles – perfectly suited for short-distance delivery routes.

Charging Ahead with Innovation

Ram ProMaster EV (Source: Stellantis)
Ram ProMaster EV (Source: Stellantis)

Equipped with advanced charging capabilities, the ProMaster EV supports Level 3 DC fast-charging at up to 150 kW. Additionally, it features a Level 2 onboard charger capable of up to 11 kW. These charging options ensure that the van is always ready for action, catering to the demands of dynamic delivery schedules.

Versatility in Configurations

Ram ProMaster EV (Source: Stellantis)
Ram ProMaster EV (Source: Stellantis)

Ram presents the ProMaster EV in three distinct variants, emphasizing flexibility for commercial users. The delivery model, currently available for order, comes with a super-high roof setup, a heated steering wheel, and a heated windshield. Meanwhile, two cargo versions, featuring 12- and 13-foot cargo lengths, will be released later, providing even more options for businesses.

Payload Powerhouse

Ram ProMaster EV (Source: Stellantis)
Ram ProMaster EV (Source: Stellantis)

Payload capacity is a crucial factor in the commercial van segment, and the ProMaster EV does not disappoint. The cargo version can handle an impressive 3,020 pounds, while the delivery configuration offers a substantial 2,030 pounds. This payload powerhouse ensures that the van is ready to meet the demands of various delivery scenarios.

Built for Efficiency and Safety

Ram ProMaster EV (Source: Stellantis)
Ram ProMaster EV (Source: Stellantis)

Built on the proven architecture of the gas-powered ProMaster, the EV version maintains a cargo volume of 524 cubic feet and an interior cargo height of 86 inches. Safety features include LED headlights, fog lights, Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning, Crosswind Assist, and more. Optional extras, such as a digital rearview mirror and a 360-degree Surround View Camera, enhance visibility for drivers.

Connectivity and Convenience

Ram ProMaster EV (Source: Stellantis)
Ram ProMaster EV (Source: Stellantis)

Inside the ProMaster EV, drivers will find a familiar cabin equipped with a 10.5-inch Uconnect 5 infotainment screen. The vehicle integrates Ram Telematics to track vehicle data, offering valuable insights into fuel savings, route efficiency, and promoting safer driving. The navigation system provides walking directions from the vehicle to the final destination using the Uconnect phone app. Additionally, the inclusion of Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant adds a layer of convenience for users.

Pricing and Availability

Starting at $77,995, the ProMaster EV is eligible for up to a $7,500 commercial clean vehicle credit, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to transition to electric vehicles. Orders are currently being accepted, with delivery expected in the first half of the year.

Ram ProMaster EV Specs:

Feature Details
Powertrain 268 HP electric motor, 302 lb-ft torque
Battery 110.0-kWh, city driving range: 162 miles
Charging Level 3 DC fast-charging (up to 150 kW), Level 2 onboard charger (up to 11 kW)
Configurations Delivery model (available now), 12-ft & 13.5-ft cargo models (coming soon), 2 roof heights (total 5 configurations)
Payload Capacity Cargo: 3,020 lbs, Delivery: 2,030 lbs
Safety LED lights, collision warning, crosswind assist, optional digital rearview mirror & 360° camera
Tech & Convenience 10.5-inch Uconnect 5, Ram Telematics, navigation with walking directions, Alexa virtual assistant
Price & Availability Starting at $77,995, orders now, delivery in first half of 2024, eligible for $7,500 clean vehicle credit
Market Impact Game-changer in commercial EV sector, competes with Ford E-Transit, GM Zevo, Mercedes-Benz eSprinter
Future Promise Redefining last-mile deliveries, setting new standards for efficiency, reliability, and innovation


Here’s how the Ram ProMaster EV stacks up against the competition, specs-wise:

Specification Ram

ProMaster EV

Ford E-Transit Mercedes-Benz eSprinter Rivian ECV
Maximum Power/Torque


268 hp / 302 lb-ft 266 hp / 317 lb-ft 201 hp / 295 lb-ft Unspecified


110 kWh 68 kWh 113 kWh Unspecified



162 Miles

(In The City)

126 Miles 200 Miles 161 Miles


3,020 lbs 3,880 lbs 2,624 lbs 2,734 lbs



524 Cubic


487.3 Cubic Feet 488 Cubic Feet 652 Cubic Feet


The Future of Commercial Electric Vehicles

Ram’s ProMaster EV emerges as a game-changer in the commercial electric vehicle landscape. As it gears up to compete with rivals like Ford’s E-Transit, GM’s Zevo, and the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter, the ProMaster EV promises to set new standards in efficiency, reliability, and innovation for last-mile deliveries.

The 2024 ProMaster EV is not just an electric van; it’s a strategic move by Ram to redefine the future of last-mile deliveries and commercial electric vehicles, showcasing the brand’s commitment to sustainable and practical transportation solutions.