ProLogium Inaugurates World’s First EV Battery ‘Gigafactory’ in Taiwan

ProLogium opens world's 1st EV battery 'gigafactory
ProLogium opens world's 1st EV battery 'gigafactory

ProLogium Technology Co., a Taiwan-based pioneer in electric vehicle solid-state batteries, proudly announces the official opening of the world’s inaugural “gigafactory” solely dedicated to electric vehicle battery production in Taoyuan.

Revolutionizing Electric Vehicle Battery Production

ProLogium’s state-of-the-art facility, operational since the end of 2023, boasts a staggering maximum production capacity of 2GWh annually. The gigafactory aims to meet the increasing demand for electric vehicle batteries, with plans to ship solid-state lithium ceramic batteries to international clients in 2024, targeting an annual supply for up to 26,000 vehicles.

Key Production Details

In its initial phase, the Taoyuan facility is set to achieve a production capacity of around 0.5GWh. ProLogium’s significant investment of NT$4.2 billion (US$134 million) in Taoyuan has not only facilitated cutting-edge battery production but has also generated approximately 1,200 jobs in the city’s Guanyin District.

A Global Leap in Solid-State Battery Development

ProLogium’s founder and CEO, Vincent Yang, expressed that the Taoyuan gigafactory signifies a groundbreaking advancement in next-generation solid-state battery development, providing a new global platform for electric vehicle battery production.

With this expansion, ProLogium aims to extend its influence globally, capitalizing on the growing demand for electric vehicles and advanced battery technology.

International Recognition and Expansion

As the sole successful commercial manufacturer of solid-state electric vehicle batteries globally, ProLogium is attracting attention from various European countries. This interest aligns with the European Union’s forthcoming zero-emissions regulation for all new vehicles starting in 2035.

ProLogium’s collaboration with France includes the construction of a significant plant in Dunkirk, with a substantial investment of 5.2 billion euros (US$5.66 billion) and the creation of around 3,000 jobs. Yang shared optimism about the project’s progress, anticipating mass production to commence in 2027 upon regulatory approval.

European Union’s Support and Recognition

ProLogium’s involvement in the Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) on batteries, approved by the EU in August 2023, further underscores its recognition for innovation and industrialization in the European battery ecosystem. The EU approved a French measure providing up to 1.5 billion euros in state aid to ProLogium, supporting its research, development, and construction projects until the end of 2029.

Future Financial Ventures

Yang revealed ProLogium’s consideration of fundraising options, including the potential launch of an initial public offering (IPO). While specific details are pending, ProLogium remains at the forefront of electric vehicle battery innovation, anticipating sustained success and growth in the industry.