Juic’d Garage: A Year in Review with the BYD AO3 Electric Car


In a recent update on the Juic’d Garage YouTube channel, the host took the opportunity to reflect on a year of ownership with the BYD AO3 electric car. With 15,000 kilometers under his belt, the host delved into various aspects of the electric vehicle, offering insights into both the positive and challenging experiences encountered during this ownership period.

Door Design and Practicality

One notable feature discussed was the unique design of the car’s doors. The host highlighted that the large door, extending to the bottom of the vehicle, could pose a challenge when parked next to high curbs. However, he also pointed out the advantage of keeping the inner seals clean, preventing dirt or rainwater from transferring to clothing when getting in or out.

Safety Features: Forward Collision Avoidance Braking

The video shed light on safety features, particularly Forward Collision Avoidance Braking, which caused the car to unexpectedly brake during overtaking maneuvers. The host shared instances where the system misinterpreted driving intentions, leading to sudden and intense braking. Despite acknowledging this issue, he emphasized the importance of cautious driving to mitigate potential risks.

Taillights and Interior Conditions

Briefly touching on technical glitches, the host mentioned a case where the taillights stopped working. Fortunately, a quick car restart resolved the problem. Moving to the interior, the seats were praised for maintaining excellent condition, and the only anomaly noted was occasional moisture on the headrests.

Wireless Charging Pad and Interior Controls

The video brought attention to the wireless charging pad, described as a hit or miss. The host suggested using it cautiously to avoid potential issues with credit cards or metal objects. However, he appreciated the physical buttons that allow control over various functions like climate settings and regenerative braking strength.

Software Updates and Infotainment System

An essential aspect of electric car ownership highlighted in the video was the regular software updates. The host appreciated the consistent improvements received over the year, with notable updates introducing Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and additional applications via the BYD store. He mentioned recent changes in sound notifications, making them less intimidating, especially during parking.

Camera System: A Game-Changer

A major highlight of the BYD AO3, according to the host, is its camera system. Described as the best in the car industry, the 360-degree camera was commended for aiding parking in challenging conditions. The host expressed a preference for additional features, such as showing the back wheels’ position when reversing.

Gimmicks or Useful Features: A Fun Analysis

The video took a humorous turn as the host presented various features, labeling some as “gimmicks” and others as “useful.” From rotating screens to hidden door handles and voice assistants, the host engaged in a lighthearted critique of these features.

Community Engagement and Closing Remarks

Wrapping up the video, the host encouraged viewers to engage with the community by asking questions in the comment section. He expressed gratitude for the support received, urging viewers to like, share, and subscribe for future content.

Juic’d Garage’s comprehensive review offered valuable insights into the BYD AO3, blending technical details with the host’s personal experiences. 

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