Is Porsche Considering a Luxury Electric Van to Rival The Volvo EM90? Design Boss Says It’s Possible



Porsche’s design boss, Peter Varga, has suggested that a luxury electric van could be a possibility for the brand. Varga noted that the idea of a luxury van is now “very interesting” and pointed to the success of Lamborghini’s luxury SUV, the Urus, as an example of how brands can expand into new territory.

Although the Porsche Vision Renndienst concept includes extreme features, Varga noted that a production model would likely look much different. The central driving position in the concept, for example, may not work for everyday life.

New EV platforms allow for easier carriage design swaps, but Porsche’s design boss noted that the technical requirements of an electric van are similar to those of a car with a combustion engine. Porsche could follow in Volvo’s footsteps by releasing an electric ultra-luxury van, with premium features like captain seats, massage seats, and fold-out tables.

Volvo’s EM90 has already hit the market, featuring immersive screens and a range of up to 458 miles (738km). The EM90 begins at 818,000 yuan ($114,000) in China, with deliveries expected to begin next month.

Porsche could tap into a market of luxury car buyers who also need the practicality of a van. An electric van could also help Porsche meet emissions regulations and reduce its carbon footprint.

While Porsche has not yet made an official announcement about an electric van, Varga noted that the company is considering the possibility. A Porsche electric van would likely be more expensive than other electric vans on the market, but it could appeal to luxury car buyers who need the space and practicality of a van.

Overall, the possibility of a Porsche electric van has generated excitement among some luxury car buyers, but it remains to be seen whether the brand will move forward with the idea.