Hyundai Goes Commercial With New ST1 EV Platform


The Hyundai ST1 EV business platform is a newly unveiled design by Hyundai, aimed at strengthening its presence in the electric vehicle market. This platform, known as the ST1, is a commercial platform based on a chassis cab that can be expanded into various forms depending on its intended use. It offers flexibility and optimization based on the purpose of use. Hyundai has showcased this platform as a business platform vehicle that can be adapted to different needs, making it a versatile option in the electric vehicle segment.

The Hyundai ST1 EV business platform is set to be available for purchase in the first half of the year. Hyundai plans to reveal final specifications and prices for this new EV business platform before its sales kick off in the home market of Korea.

The Hyundai ST1 EV business platform is expected to have a range of at least 500 km (310 mi) under the WLTP test cycle. The expected charging time for the Hyundai ST1 EV business platform has not been explicitly mentioned in the provided search results. However, based on similar electric vehicles like the Hyundai Kona Electric, which can charge to 80% capacity in about 75 minutes using a DC fast charger, we can infer that the charging time for the ST1 EV business platform might be in a similar range.

The expected cargo capacity of the Hyundai ST1 EV business platform is not explicitly mentioned in the provided sources. However, the ST1 is designed as a business platform with a variety of expansion possibilities, starting with applications in logistics and delivery but with the potential for customization for various purposes in the future. The Cargo and Cargo Refrigerated models, which are the first models to debut on the ST1 platform, are specialized for logistics and delivery businesses, equipped with a general loading box and a refrigerated loading box in the chassis cab. While specific cargo capacity details are not provided, the ST1 is designed to maximize loading box capacity, making loading, unloading, or parking easier for logistics and delivery purposes. For precise cargo capacity specifications, it would be advisable to refer to official Hyundai announcements or specifications closer to the launch of the ST1 EV business platform.