Fisker Resolves Braking Issue in Ocean SUV Through Over-the-Air Update


Fisker, the manufacturer of the all-electric Ocean SUV, has successfully addressed a braking concern that led to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) preliminary investigation. The NHTSA received complaints about potential braking performance issues on low-traction surfaces, prompting Fisker to release a software update in December 2023. The over-the-air (OTA) update, version 1.10, specifically targeted the regenerative braking system, improving the overall customer experience when navigating bumps and uneven terrain.

The Fisker Ocean’s brake system, incorporating both friction and regenerative braking, now meets or exceeds all US and international performance standards. The NHTSA investigation, triggered by nine consumer complaints, highlighted instances of partial braking loss without driver alerts, resulting in extended stopping distances. While one complaint reported a crash and injury, Fisker maintains that the braking system has been rectified through the software update.

However, Fisker faces challenges beyond this braking issue. In 2023, the company reduced production at the Magna factory in Austria to conserve cash, adjusting production guidance multiple times. Over half of the 4,700 Ocean SUVs produced last year remain undelivered. Fisker aims to address this by incorporating dealer franchises into its sales strategy, with plans to clear the remaining inventory of over 5,000 cars by the end of the first quarter, contingent on attracting sufficient dealer participation. The successful resolution of the braking concern underscores Fisker’s commitment to leveraging technology for swift problem-solving in the evolving electric vehicle landscape.

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