Exclusive YouTube Footage: Kia EV6 GT’s Bold Design Update and Active Air Skirt


In a recent Video, Kia’s high-performance electric vehicle, the EV6 GT, has been captured undergoing a striking facelift. The updated model showcases an aggressive design overhaul and introduces the innovative Active Air Skirt technology.

The narrator discusses various aspects of the car’s design, focusing on the front bumper, active air flaps, grille, wheels, and the back side.

The front bumper design is highlighted as different from the regular model, with noticeable changes at the bottom. The inclusion of active air flaps is mentioned, suggesting a functional and aggressive design. The mechanical feel of the grille at the bottom of the bumper is noted, and the narrator observes changes in the heel design, which is described as a positive improvement.

The narrator appreciates the changes in wheel design, particularly the number of spokes and the luxurious yet sporty aesthetic. There’s a mention of wheel caps covering the bolts, enhancing the sense of luxury. However, there’s a personal opinion expressed about the absence of GT lettering on the brakes, leaving a slight feeling of regret.

The video also delves into the back side of the car, discussing improvements in the bumper design that contribute to a sportier look. The narrator points out similarities and differences between the GT model and the regular model, emphasizing a short and vertical feature that distinguishes the GT version. The video concludes with a brief mention of the ev6 GT facelift, comparing it to the Ionic 5 and expressing satisfaction with the outcome.

Originally unveiled by Kia in 2022 as its pinnacle of power, the EV6 GT boasts an impressive 576 horsepower, enabling it to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds. The EV6 GT’s prowess was demonstrated when it outpaced both a Ferrari Roma and a Lamborghini Huracan EVO in acceleration tests, highlighting its exceptional performance capabilities.

Equipped with a robust 77.4 kWh battery, the dual-motor powertrain of the EV6 GT produces 576 hp and 546 lb-ft of torque. Notably, the EV6 GT achieves a quicker 0 to 60 mph time compared to the 590 hp Porsche Taycan GTS, all at a significantly lower cost.

With a starting price of $61,600, the 2024 Kia EV6 GT is positioned as a swifter and more affordable alternative to many traditional sports cars. Now, recent sightings captured by South Korean Healer TV reveal a refreshed EV6 GT model, featuring a new design update and the incorporation of cutting-edge EV technology. This development adds another layer of excitement to the already high-performance and competitively priced electric vehicle, further solidifying Kia’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the electric car market.