Cuteness on Wheels: Unveiling the Koala-Shaped Chinese Electric Bus


Have you ever envisioned yourself behind the wheel of an electric bus, only to think, “What could make this better? A bus shaped like a marsupial!” Well, enter the whimsical world of the Koala Electric Bus, a standout in the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle collection. While not the first animal-shaped bus to grace the series, it undeniably claims the title of the cutest.

Mistaken for a mouse at first glance, the beauty of a nondescript animal bus lies in its interpretive charm. This 14-seater electric bus, driver included, comes complete with a full seat next to the driver – perfect for that one kid on the bus, you know the one.

As enchanting as the exterior may be, the interior is a different story. A few head-scratchers await, including the mysterious seat belt system. Is it a buddy system, crotch straps, or merely decorative? The juxtaposition of a plastic grab handle, chrome face-smashing bar, and velvet ropes instead of walls raises questions about the necessity of loop-de-loop belts.

While the design decisions may leave you pondering, the technical side offers some insights. With a 5-meter length and a surprisingly lightweight curb weight of 1,250 kg, you can’t help but wonder what compromises were made. The powertrain features a modest 5.5 kW spinner propelling the rear axle, coupled with a 9.6 kWh lead acid battery contributing to a quarter of the vehicle’s weight.

However, when you set your eyes on a “koala bus,” drag strip performance isn’t likely the top priority. Priced at approximately $8,500, this quirky creation raises eyebrows not only for its street legality and safety concerns but also for its desirability without locking doors. Owning a koala bus may sound appealing until you realize its potential allure to thieves.

In conclusion, the Koala Electric Bus adds to the roster of amusing Alibaba electric vehicles that are tempting but not worth the paycheck risk. While it might not be the speed demon of the electric bus world, it undeniably reigns supreme in the category of charm, promising an experience like no other. Just remember, a koala bus might be too cute for its own good when it comes to security.

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