Cold Weather Towing: Tesla Cybertruck Pulls 11,000 Pounds – How Does It Affect Range?


In a recent video, the Tesla Cybertruck undertakes the challenge of towing a substantial 11,000 pounds in harsh cold weather conditions. How well does it fare in comparison to rivals like the Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning in both towing performance and range? Before delving into the outcomes, let’s examine the Cybertruck’s towing capabilities and gather insights from the extensive testing conducted by JerryRigEverything, a YouTube channel renowned for scrutinizing electric cars across diverse conditions.

Cybertruck Features and Quirks: With a maximum towing capacity of 11,000 pounds, the Cybertruck faces the ultimate test in towing heavy loads. However, before assessing its towing prowess, Jerry, the host of JerryRigEverything, highlights a couple of peculiarities observed in the Cybertruck. Notably, cabin noise appears excessive, with Jerry noting that it goes beyond the typical electric motor noise. Additionally, he critiques the small and impractical rearview mirror, emphasizing its ineffectiveness even when paired with the rearview camera.

Towing Performance: As the Cybertruck embarks on the towing challenge, it manages to accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in a commendable 12.4 seconds with the loaded trailer in tow. Despite this achievement, Jerry notes several shortcomings in the Cybertruck’s towing experience. The vehicle lacks comprehensive towing-related information, with subpar towing animations, limited data, and inadequate towing range estimates. Jerry suggests that it seems as if the Cybertruck lacks dedicated towing software, aside from the trailer brake controller. Notably, the rear-wheel steering remains operational with the trailer attached, creating challenges in maneuvering and raising potential safety concerns.

Range Assessment While Towing: In the cold weather test, the dual-motor AWD Tesla Cybertruck manages to cover only 90 miles while towing 11,000 pounds. Considering that the estimated range for this version is 340 miles under ideal conditions without towing, the real-world impact of towing becomes evident. The Cybertruck starts with a 100% state of charge and concludes the trip at a charging station with 2% battery remaining, suggesting a total range of around 100 miles before potential depletion. It’s worth noting that towing in cold weather poses significant challenges, a fact emphasized by the comparable towing range results of the Rivian R1T (100 miles) and the Ford F-150 Lightning (130 miles) under similar conditions.

Comparative Towing Tests: Jerry also conducts towing tests with the Rivian R1T and the Ford F-150 Lightning. The R1T, with approximately 280 miles of range in summer conditions, achieves 100 miles of range while towing the same load in winter. Meanwhile, the Ford F-150 Lightning, boasting a stated range of about 310 miles, returns 130 miles of range while towing under less severe conditions.

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