BYD’s Bestselling Cars in January 2024


BYD’s January sales, exceeding 200,000 plug-in cars, demonstrate continued and impressive year-over-year growth.

Their focus on all-electric vehicles (BEVs) seems to be paying off, with BEV sales growing faster than PHEVs.

The record number of exported vehicles (36,174) highlights BYD’s successful global expansion efforts.

This international push could significantly impact the global EV market landscape.

While January sales haven’t reached December’s peak due to seasonality, they still signal sustained momentum.

Achieving the 2024 target of 4.5 million plug-in car sales will require maintaining this trajectory.

BYD’s potential to become the largest BEV manufacturer globally poses a challenge to Tesla and other established players.

The coming months will reveal how effectively BYD competes in international markets.

The economic slowdown in China could potentially impact future sales.

European Union investigations into Chinese subsidies might introduce roadblocks for BYD’s exports.

BYD’s strong January sales indicate continued dominance in the Chinese EV market and growing global presence.

Navigating potential challenges and maintaining momentum will be crucial for their long-term success.

It’s interesting to see the popularity of the compact Seagull model, potentially driven by affordability.

Observing how BYD’s success impacts global EV competition and government policies will be key.

BYD January 2024 Plug-in Car Sales Summary (Table)

Category Units Sold (January 2024) YoY Change Note
Passenger Plug-in Cars 201,019 +34% Includes 15,923 from sub-brands
– BEVs 105,304 +48% Fastest growing segment
– PHEVs 95,715 +21%
Commercial Electric Vehicles 474 (Data not provided for YoY)
Total Plug-in Vehicles 201,493 N/A
Exported Plug-in Vehicles 36,174 N/A Monthly record
2023 Full Year Sales
– Passenger Plug-in Cars 3,012,906 +62%
– BEVs 1,574,822 +73%
– PHEVs 1,438,084 +52%


Top selling models: Song family, BYD Seagull, Qin family, BYD Dolphin, BYD Yuan.

BYD Top Selling Models – January 2024

Rank Model Name Units Sold Type
1 Song Family 59,514 Mostly PHEV
2 BYD Seagull 36,477 BEV
3 Qin Family 21,767 BEV + PHEV
4 BYD Dolphin 18,905 BEV
5 BYD Yuan (Atto 3) 18,071 BEV

Song Family includes Song Pro DM-i, Song Max DM-i, Song Plus EV, and Song Plus DM-i.

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