BMW’s Electrifying Ambitions: Unveiling the Neue Klasse EV Lineup


BMW is set to revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) landscape with its upcoming Neue Klasse architecture, underpinning six new all-electric models by the end of this decade. The Neue Klasse heralds a significant shift in BMW’s EV strategy, promising groundbreaking features and a lineup that spans crossovers, sedans, and even a performance-oriented sports sedan.

The Pioneer: iX3, the Crossover Trailblazer:

The inaugural model under the Neue Klasse banner is the iX3, a crossover SUV slated for a late 2025 debut. Carrying the NA5 codename, it is poised to replace the existing iX3, featuring the latest advancements in battery technology and design. Production will be orchestrated by BMW’s new European facility in Hungary, signifying the brand’s commitment to innovation.

Sedan Sophistication: NA0 – The All-Electric 3 Series Successor:

Following the iX3, BMW’s electric lineup expands with the NA0, a sedan based on the Neue Klasse architecture. Expected to commence production in 2026 at the Munich plant, this sedan, likely badged as i320 or i330, represents the next evolutionary step for BMW’s iconic 3 Series. It sets the stage for a seamless transition from combustion to electric power.

Dynamic Duo: iX4 Coupe-Sedan and Station Wagon:


BMW’s commitment to diversity within the Neue Klasse lineup is evident with the NA7, a coupe-like sedan bearing the iX4 moniker. Anticipated to debut in 2026, this model introduces a distinctive design language. Additionally, a station wagon variant is expected a year later, adding a touch of versatility to the EV range.

Evolutionary Naming and Potential Game-Changers:

As BMW unfolds its Neue Klasse strategy, a coupe-styled sedan, codenamed NB5, raises intrigue. While speculations point to the i4 moniker, BMW maintains an air of mystery. The sixth model in the lineup, codenamed NB5, aims to replace the iX1 compact crossover, with discussions ongoing about the potential introduction of a smaller, 1-Series-like electric hatchback.

The Powerhouse: Electric M3 with Quad-Motor Setup:

As a testament to BMW’s commitment to electrifying its performance lineup, an all-electric M3 sports sedan is in development. Envisaged to boast up to 1,000 horsepower through a quad-motor setup, this model hints at BMW’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of electric performance.

Neue Klasse Platform Advancements:

The Neue Klasse architecture brings a slew of technological upgrades, positioning BMW at the forefront of the EV revolution. Unlike its predecessors, this platform integrates batteries directly into the car’s structure, optimizing space and enhancing overall performance. Operating at a higher voltage of around 800 volts, it facilitates rapid charging speeds of up to 270 kilowatts.

Revolutionary Battery Cells and Cost Efficiency:

BMW’s Gen 6 cylindrical cells, a departure from the current prismatic cells, promise increased energy density, providing up to 30% more energy within the same footprint. The cost-efficient production techniques associated with these cells could potentially halve manufacturing costs. With projections of 500 miles of driving range on a full charge, BMW aims to deliver not only enhanced performance but also increased affordability.

Source: insideevs