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Avvenire Launches The Tectus: The All-Weather, All-Wheel Drive, All-Terrain eScooter

Rain, Snow, Mud? No Problem! Avvenire Introduces The Tectus Mobility eScooter which is the All-Weather, All-Wheel Drive, All-Terrain electric scooter. And the best part is- No insurance or license is required.

The Tectus Cargo

The Tectus mobility scooter features a dual-motor all-wheel-drive (AWD) system, an enclosed cabin equipped with air conditioning and a heater, a backup camera, GPS tracking, various cargo options, and Solar and Wireless charging capabilities.

The Tectus Cargo

The Tectus mobility scooter is crafted to cater to your needs all year round, boasting versatile cargo features ideal for grocery trips or ferrying your beloved pets. It serves as an efficient last-mile city cargo solution. 

The Tectus Blue

The powerful 2,000-watt electric scooter boasts an impressive range of up to 160 km (99 miles) and a top speed of 32 km/h (20 miles/h), with a battery capacity of up to 5,400 watt-hours, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable riding experience.

The Tectus Cargo

Available in two variants: the TECTUS Deluxe, priced at $6,995, which features a power of 2000 Watts and a battery capacity of 2400 Wh, and the TECTUS Ultimate, priced at $8,999, which maintains the same power but offers an enhanced battery capacity of 5,400 Wh.

The Tectus Black

Avvenire, headquartered in Canada, will commence deliveries of The TECTUS starting in 2024. It will be available for delivery worldwide and can be reserved or ordered with a $100 deposit.

Source: Avvenire

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