Alberta Government Implements $200 Annual Tax for Electric Vehicles Starting in 2025


In a move aimed at addressing revenue shortfalls, the Alberta government has announced a new $200 annual tax for electric vehicle (EV) owners, set to take effect in 2025. The decision has sparked mixed reactions among drivers, with some questioning the fairness of the measure.

One EV owner, speaking to City News, expressed willingness to contribute their fair share but raised concerns about the method chosen by the government. “Our big thing is we have no problem paying our fair share,” they said. “The question is, is this the appropriate way to do that and is this actually fair?”

The rationale behind the tax, as cited in Thursday’s provincial budget, includes the fact that EV owners do not pay fuel tax and that electric vehicles, on average, weigh more than their gas-powered counterparts, resulting in increased wear and tear on roads. However, some EV drivers argue that this reasoning overlooks important factors.

Darcy Rchan, reporting from Edmonton, highlighted the perspective of EV owner Badu, who pointed out that while electric cars may weigh more, many gas-powered trucks also contribute to road wear without facing a similar tax burden. Badu suggested a more equitable solution, proposing that both gas-powered and electric vehicle drivers be charged the same amount per kilometer driven.

Despite the introduction of the tax, EV advocates emphasize that driving electric vehicles remains a cost-effective option, even with the additional financial burden. They argue that, overall, it is still cheaper to operate an electric vehicle compared to a traditional gasoline-powered car.

As the debate over the fairness and effectiveness of the new tax continues, Alberta prepares for the implementation of the $200 annual fee for electric vehicle owners next year.