2024 VinFast’s Wild Electric Truck Unveiled and Explored

VinFast's Electric Truck
VinFast's Electric Truck

In his latest video, Justin brings his viewers along to the heart of technological excellence at CES 2024. With a history of covering VinFast’s growth, from exploring their production facility in Vietnam to test-driving their earlier models, Justin is uniquely positioned to provide an insider’s perspective on the brand’s latest offerings at CES 2024.

The VF3: Compact and Stylish

The spotlight was on the VinFast VF3, a compact two-door SUV, showcased in a vibrant yellow color that symbolized the vehicle’s fun and dynamic character. This model caters to urban commuters and those looking for a sporty yet practical SUV option. With seating for five and ample cargo space, the VF3 complements VinFast’s diverse lineup, ensuring a model for every type of customer. The two-door design, combined with a height suitable for easy parking, makes the VF3 an attractive choice for markets across Asia and North America.

VF Wild: Unveiling Adventure

VinFast’s bold entry into the electric truck market was unveiled with the VinFast VF Wild, a midsize electric pickup truck designed for the adventurous crowd. The striking exterior boasts sharp lines and cutting-edge technology, while the interior exudes luxury and minimalism. The VF Wild features a unique open-back design, extending the truck bed and offering an estimated range of 250 miles on a full charge. With an emphasis on adventure, this electric truck caters to a market traditionally dominated by fuel-consuming vehicles.

VF9: Ultimate Comfort and Entertainment

The VinFast VF9 took center stage as the largest vehicle in the VinFast lineup, featuring seven seats across three rows. This three-row SUV offers ultimate comfort, abundant legroom, and ample cargo space, making it an ideal choice for large families or extended road trips. Boasting a dual-motor setup with 402 horsepower, a 0 to 60 speed of 6.5 seconds, and an impressive range of 330 miles on a full charge, the VF9 ensures a powerful and efficient driving experience. Notably, VinFast announced a collaboration with Sony for “Ride View,” a streaming service integrated into the vehicle, transforming it into a mobile entertainment hub.

E-Bike Dragonfly: Going Global

In addition to the electric cars, VinFast showcased the Dragonfly, an electric bike set to make its mark in 99 global markets. This premium e-bike offers a sleek design for day-to-day street commuting, aligning with VinFast’s commitment to providing diverse and sustainable mobility solutions.

Innovation Beyond the Road

VinFast’s commitment to innovation extended beyond the vehicles themselves. The company demonstrated “Ride View,” a collaboration with Sony bringing high-quality movies and entertainment to the vehicle, elevating the in-car experience for passengers. With streaming capabilities and an extensive multimedia library, VinFast is pioneering a new era of in-car entertainment.

As VinFast continues to make strides in the electric vehicle market, CES 2024 has solidified its position as a key player in the industry, offering a diverse range of vehicles that cater to various consumer needs. With competitive pricing and a commitment to sustainable and stylish transportation, VinFast is set to make a lasting impact on the automotive landscape in the years to come.

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